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Going on a safari should be on everyone’s bucket list. Getting lost in the savannah looking for the Big Five is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss, and you want to choose the right place to do it 🦁🐘🐆🐃🦏 Not to worry, we are here to help!

Besides the “classic” African safari, there are quite a few other options to choose from if you’re looking for something different but still animal related. Forest safaris through the lush Amazon, snow safaris in magnificent snow-covered landscapes, jungle safaris in remote Asian regions, and even lake safaris!

But if you’re not able to go on a whole safari trip, there are plenty of places around the world that give you the opportunity to enjoy the nature and discover the local wildlife. We promise you’ll be impressed! We’re thinking giraffe manors, turtle resorts, elephant sanctuaries, flamingo beaches, monkey islands… Interested? 😉 Keep reading and check out our Safari list on the TWISPER app to discover more amazing places for a safari or safari-like experience.



Giraffe Manor

Eat, sleep and drink with giraffes at this incredible hotel in the Kenyan capital.


Ferntree Rainforest Hotel

The best of both worlds: white sand beaches on one side, wild, tropical rainforest on the other.


EcoCamp Patagonia

This unique hotel is the perfect base to discover the magic of Chilean Patagonia and explore its wildlife.


Cobbler cove hotel

Luxury boutique hotel resort where you'll get to discover the local wildlife in the turquoise sea.


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