Hugo Desnoyer is France’s favorite artisan butcher, with French celebrity clients like Catherine Deneuve and Carla Bruni. He is also one of the official suppliers for the Elysée Palace, the French Senate and many Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire. His career has taken him all over the world, including Japan. He has written many books on meat where he shares his knowledge and secrets with the public.

Life 📖

Growing up, Hugo Desnoyer didn’t really know what he wanted to do as an adult. He started with mechanics, but quickly realized that this was not what he was meant to do. When he discovered butchery during an internship with his father’s butcher, he completely fell in love with the profession. Eager to learn, he moved to Paris where he still practice his craft, which has become his true passion.

His career takes a turn when he opens his first butchery in 1998, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Through word of mouth, he builds a remarkable reputation and his shop becomes the place for meat in Paris, including for the capital’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

His expertise is nowadays sought around the world. In France, Hugo provides his customers with an amazing “Table d’Hôte” experience at his butcher shop on 28 Rue du Dr. Blanche, 75016 Paris. Customers can choose their meat before eating it right on-the-spot.


New TWISPER Ambassador 🤝

TWISPER is very proud to partner with Hugo Desnoyer, a master artisan butcher who always keeps ethics in mind. His greatest concern is the challenge of nutrition in the world, and he firmly believes that responsible farming and fishing are essential to future food production.

As a great advocate of a proper production and consumption of meat, Hugo selects his breeders with care. He knows them personally and chooses them for the values they share with him. In the same spirit, he insists on using all beef parts in his consumption and preparations, including those less popular pieces that may be thought of as less desirable.

Hugo Desnoyer loves TWISPER as it perfectly fits his definition of simplicity: something real, true and authentic. The app is about real people sharing real recommendations. Follow him on TWISPER to find his favorite places serving delicious and ethical meat.

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