What are TWISPER’s values?

Discover the values behind TWISPER and why we’re leading a positive revolution.

Positive values, community-driven and no selling of user data

TWISPER is the first social app to offer a positive-only ecosystem that benefits all participants. Our vision is to be a leading, trustworthy social app for users, the number one in digital word-of-mouth marketing for businesses, to maintain win-win partnerships with partners, and to have a positive impact on the world through our charity projects.

Today, the world of digital recommendations is filled with negative, biased and paid reviews. People trust recommendations from friends they know, rather than from unknown people on digital recommendation platforms where ratings can be manipulated. What’s more, every other platform out there sells users’ data behind their backs. Every day, people are increasingly concerned with the privacy of their data.

TWISPER is the answer to these concerns. It’s a free app with 100% respect of data privacy. We don’t do any business with your data at all. Plus, it has positive and personal recommendations only, shared through a community of friends you know and trusted partners you choose to follow.

How is TWISPER kept positive?


On the TWISPER app, people can only interact by sharing positive recommendations of great places to eat, sleep and drink. Users need to favorite (or like) a place first before they can add a comment about their experience there, and this recommendation then shows up on their friends’ feed. This is how positive word of mouth works.

The user experience on the app is designed in a way that sharing a negative comment would not make sense. We’re constantly working to maintain positivity on TWISPER and are implementing tools to automatically detect and flag inappropriate content across both pictures and comments.


As well as sharing positive recommendations between friends, TWISPER partners with trusted ambassadors, magazines, associations, influencers and brands who share their recommended places with users. Users choose who they want to follow to see these recommendations.

We do not tolerate negative and toxic behavior on the app. Any inappropriate content reported by our community will be removed. Our users have the function to report inappropriate content and block accounts.

At TWISPER, all detected fake accounts are permanently banned. Other social platforms have a big problem with fake users and reviews. We’re tackling this issue head on to ensure TWISPER is the most trustworthy social platform.

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