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By Out In London - 2 min read

Great places to eat and drink in London

What better than local foodie experts to take you to the most amazing dining experiences around London? We asked the Out In London team (@out_in_london on Instagram) to show us their favorite spots to eat and drink in the English capital. Here are the gems they came up with!

First on the list, Chameleon, an Israeli restaurant with a concept like you’ve never seen before: different beautiful venues with private dining options and plenty of activities from cinema nights to wellness sessions. Get ready for all your senses to be awaken!

If you’re looking for something a little more “local”, Granary Square Brasserie is a top choice when it comes to British food. Their seasonal bistro dishes and warm atmosphere are infused with the British charm that all visitors are looking for when visiting London.

But London is also known for its incredible population diversity, and it would be a shame to miss all the deliciousness the different cultures have to offer. For an exotic food experience, head to Hefaure 黑芙蕾 where you’ll be able to taste the world-famous bubble and milk teas brought to you straight from Asia. Their menu also features a selection of these amazing, huge Japanese soufflé pancakes that you’ve probably been dying to try out!

Speaking of sweet treats, did you know that there is a place in London where the menu is entirely based on honey?! HIVE Selfridges brings to life a unique concept with its 100,000 Western bees living in the restaurant’s hives. Using the honey produced on site, they create the most delicious dishes and pastries, highlighting beautiful natural flavors.

Last but not least on our London food tour, Sycamore Vino Cucina is where locals go for a modern but still authentic Italian dinner. The place radiates style and class, and even has a Balcony area overlooking Covent Garden. Don’t forget to pair your dishes with the perfect wine that they are sure to have in their cellar!

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