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transparency and positivity?
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With a fast-growing community of more than 200,000 users, TWISPER is a social travel mobile app and platform to share and discover great restaurants, hotels and bars through positive word of mouth.

There are no fake ratings to cheat the system, no negative reviews that are more biased than helpful, and especially no ads trying to sell you things you don’t want. On TWISPER, you’ll only get positive recommendations from friends you know and partners you follow. No more. No less.

On the other end, TWISPER Business provides restaurants, hotels and bars with powerful digital word-of-mouth tools to reach new customers and increase revenue.

Founded in 2018, TWISPER is a Swiss app used in more than 90 countries in 7 languages. TWISPER has more than 50 employees and offices in Geneva and Lisbon.

Bringing back fairness, transparency and positivity

There’s enough negativity in other travel platforms.

On TWISPER, the community can only share positive recommendations to put the focus towards sharing and discovering great experiences, above anything else. TWISPER wants to cut through the noise and connect people to places that they love.

Ratings and reviews, after, all can easily be faked. And you wouldn’t trust a stranger’s words in real life. Why would you trust them on an online platform? On TWISPER, users will only see recommendations from friends they’ve added and people they follow. This ensures that they actually get recommendations they can trust and eliminates the issue of fake users.

Helping the world become
a better place

TWISPER has done many initiatives to help the world become a better place. During the COVID-19 lockdown, TWISPER has partnered up with Philippe Chevrier, one of the ambassadors and a two Michelin-starred chef, TWISPER has offered 10,0000 businesses with tools that help them manage their online listings for free for a full year.

Finally, TWISPER also donates 5% of its monthly turnover to various charities around the world.

TWISPER believes that creating a travel revolution involves doing the necessary actions for change to come. TWISPER is focused towards helping the world become a better place.

The dedicated team behind the app

With offices in Geneva and in Lisbon, these are some of the people that help make the vision behind TWISPER a reality. They are all foodies and travelers in their own right!
Antonio Canton
President and founder
António Santos
Head of Development
André Romano
Android Development
Diogo Nunes
iOS Development
Gisela Pesarrodona
PR & Offline Marketing
Lucie Boulet
Matthieu Sueur
Business Development
Miguel Leal
B2B Product Development
Paula Menas Moreira
Human Resources
Tess Snellman
B2C Online Marketing
Toni Cenko
Art Direction
Veronica Rodrigues
B2B Online Marketing


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