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Launched on iOS and Android in 2019, TWISPER is a free social app to share and discover positive-only recommendations of restaurants, hotels and bars through a community of trusted friends and partners.

Founded in Switzerland, we’re scaled to go global. With more than 50 full-time employees, offices in Geneva and Lisbon and an ever-growing global community of users, partners and businesses, TWISPER is leading a positive revolution in the online recommendations industry.

On TWISPER, there are no negative comments, no unfair ratings and no selling of user data. People simply recommend the places they love in an easy, unique and positive way thanks to our “digital word of mouth”.


TWISPER Business provides the tools to leverage this positive digital word of mouth, reduce client acquisition costs and save time updating online listings. With our low and transparent monthly subscription price that hides no fees or commission, TWISPER Business is unique in the industry.

TWISPER is disrupting the market by creating a positive ecosystem that benefits everyone: users, businesses, partners and charities. Our vision is to be a leading, trustworthy social app for users, the number one in digital word-of-mouth marketing for businesses, to maintain win-win partnerships with partners and to have a positive impact on the world through our charity projects.

The dedicated team behind the app

With offices in Geneva and in Lisbon, these are some of the people that help make the vision behind TWISPER a reality. They are all foodies and travelers in their own right!
Antonio Canton
President and Founder
António Santos
Head of Development
Lucie Boulet
Head of Operations
Tess Snelleman
Head of Digital Marketing
Matthieu Sueur
Business Development
Veronica Rodrigues
B2B Online Marketing
Toni Cenko
Art Direction
Miguel Leal
B2B Product Development
André Romano
Android Development
Artem Umanets
iOS Development
Ricardo Cabanelas
Backend Development
Ycaro Fernandes
Quality Assurance
Caroline Stewart
Human Resources - Geneva
Paula Menas Moreira
Human Resources - Lisbon


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