By partnering up with ambassadors, charities and nonprofits, we are supporting causes that improve people’s lives and help the world become a better place.

But how do we do this?

Giving back

As part of our mission, 5% of our monthly turnover goes to the TWISPER Foundation to support nonprofits and charities chosen by our ambassadors.

Organizing charity campaigns

We organize charity campaigns with our ambassadors and their charities and non-profit of choice. We also commit to donate a minimum amount to have a real contribution to the cause.

1 Follow = 1 CHF

Every time a charity or non-profit gets a follow on the app, we donate 1 CHF to the cause.

Doing multi-channel initiatives

We organize multichannel communication initiatives (e.g. flyers, videos, social media ads, etc.) with the charity or non-profit involved to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible.