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easyJet Traveller is the travel industry’s leading customer inflight magazine. The magazine provides great travel recommendations and tips, with its critically-acclaimed writing, insider knowledge and stunning design.


For the Get-up-and-go Generation

With 6 million readers per month, Traveller includes many topics on travel and leisure, from experiences in luxury hotels to hidden speakeasy bars around the world.

Traveller is for the get-up-and-go generation. In a partnership with TWISPER since March 2019, the magazine’s favorite restaurants, hotels and bars are on the app for users to try out.

Want to travel smart? Want to find the best clubs for the peppiest parties in Mykonos? Or are you in the pursuit of the most authentic tapas place in the heart of Andalusia? The options are boundless, and Traveller can help you find your ideal place.

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