easyJet Traveller is the travel industry’s leading customer inflight magazine. The magazine provides great travel recommendations and tips, with its critically-acclaimed writing, insider knowledge and stunning design.

With 6 million readers per month, easyJet Traveller includes many topics on travel and leisure, from descriptions of amazing stays to food photos from amazing restaurants around the world.

Ever boarded an easyJet flight? More chances than not, you’ve grabbed this magazine from the airplane’s seat pockets and flickered through the pages to dream your next vacation.

You’ve probably hyped yourself by reading well-written accounts of exotic places, as your plane flies across Europe. easyJet Traveller is for the get-up-and-go generation, for those who want to discover the world and what it has to offer.

It’s for conscious travelers who wants to discover the history and culture of the places they’re visiting, and for vacationers who need a good old break from the hustle-and-bustle of life.

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Want to travel smart? Or to find the best clubs for the peppiest parties in Mykonos? Or are you in the pursuit of the most authentic tapas place in the heart of Andalusia? As the night dissolves, maybe you’re still want to find a taverna in Palermo for after-hours drinking. The options are boundless, and easyJet Traveller can help you find your ideal place.

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