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TWISPER is made of positivity: only
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We support charities and projects
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TWISPER Partners

Magazines and famous Ambassadors share their best tips for restaurants, hotels and bars with the TWISPER community.


We believe that we can help make the
world a better place.
We finance humanitarian, social and ecological projects, sponsored by our Ambassadors.
TWISPER donates a percentage of its monthly turnover to support them.

TWISPER Business

The new digital word of mouth.

The best publicity is when your clients recommend your place to their friends. TWISPER has digitalized this “word of mouth” concept: your customers share their positive experiences with their network.

TWISPER business platform will be launched soon, in June 2019.

  • Daniel F. Lauber Hotelier & Huntsman
    " Tailor-made communication with the right customer in the right place is as easy as pie with TWISPER - TWISPER is Target Marketing in Perfect! "
  • Raphael Wyniger Owner & Founder Wyniger Group
    " TWISPER allows us to continue to invest in guest relationship. "