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With one click you can favorite a place and save it with all the necessary information.With another click you can share it with your friends and be in contact with them through an integrated chat. 


TWISPER bases on digital word of mouth suggestions. All your data stays in TWISPER and will never be for sale. No one can artificially buy or manipulate suggestions of places.


You share only your great experiences with your friends, no critics, no fake suggestions.
TWISPER makes the world more personal and more positive.

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TWISPER ambassadors

Follow the TWISPER ambassadors and find their favorite places to eat, sleep and drink.

All the ambassadors share TWISPER philosophy:
Each of them sponsored a social project or a charity that will help the world to be a better place. TWISPER will support them and donate a percentage of its monthly turnover.

  • TWISPER Ambassador

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  • TWISPER Ambassador

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  • TWISPER Ambassador

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TWISPER for Business

Do you own a place to eat, drink or sleep?

Gain positive visibility for your business by taking control of the information that is shown on your profile and explore the TWISPER Business Packages.

Tell everyone who you are, in your own unique way with always up-date information .

Available from march 2019


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